Castles, Palaces, Manors, and Countries

The Land of Rousse has seven countries. The most northern country is Wsyrut and is a large island. Rivers or tributaries divide the boundaries of the other six countries and are named, Zurkia, Dracon, Odyhun, North Vel Saca, South Vel Saca, and Fethurland.

  • Zurkia has three regions separated by rivers. The leader of Zurkia is the tzarina and she has an army of knights and guards.

  • Dracon has a maze of mountains covering the northern part of the country and flat lands in the south. The leader of Dracon is the khan and he has an army of escorts.

  • Odyhun is the largest country but the least populated. The leader of Odyhun is the padesha and he has an army of legionnaires.

Kazan Castle …

is in southern Zurkia and is ruled by the Tzarina Valentina.

Kazan Castle Front.1 jpg
Front of Kazan Castle overlooking the Village City of Kazan
Kazan Castle Back 1
Back of Kazan Castle on the edge of the cliff along the Volga River


Victory Manor …

is in the west corner of southern Zurkia and is ruled by Lord Viktor Ramazon.

Victory Manor 1
Back view of Victory Manor

Pavel’s Estate …

is along the northern part of the Volga River and sits on a plateau. Lord Pavel Ramazon owns the estate.

Levap Castle 1.jpg
The manor of Pavel’s estate is on the left, the stables are center, and the castle is on the right.
Old Tower 1
The old castle tower of Pavel’s estate.

Dragomir Palace …

is in southern Dracon along the Khvalyn Sea and is ruled by Khan Temujinfar.

Dragomir Palace 1a
The main entrance to Dragomir Palace
Dragomir Palace 1.jpg
The section of Dragomir Palace dedicated to the crown princess
Dragomir Palace Top 1.jpg
The top tower of Dragomir Palace

Bolger Castle …

is in eastern Zurkia along the Kazanka River and is ruled by the Dark Prince.

Bolger Castle
Bolger Castle overlooking the Kazanka River and coastal mountains of Odyhun